How to Create a Routine for Your Kids During the Summer

Kids need a routine Every. Single. Day. If not, they will go bonkers! You know…when they keep asking “What are we doing now?” or “Is it time to eat?” “Are we doing anything fun today?” But we can’t forget the dreaded “I’m bored” statement. A child who has structure and routine is more calm, has more relaxed behavior, and establishes important habits very early.

When children don’t know what to expect, they simply don’t know how to react. They don’t know what is coming and have mild ‘anxiety’ episodes. Their behavior become frantic, they act out for the simple reason they are unaware of whats going to happen. Children strive for routine and stability. Teachers in the classroom have routines. They follow them as best as they can and the students are aware of the expectations and what will accour next.

But we are familiar with routines. This isn’t anything new to us. Since these kids were babies, we have been hearing Get that baby on a routine from solicited and sometimes non solicited sources. Well guess what, they still need it. Most households have a set routine during the school year. Children wake up at a set time, breakfast is ready at a given time, they go to school, come home and do homework, eat dinner, and have family time. And then there is the beloved bedtime routine. Why Oh Why would we ever deviate from this God given tool that keeps us all sane and in our right minds!! If anything, we need a routine even more during those 2 months of chaos (that’s what I call summer here in the Champion House).

Here are a few tips to help keep the routine going during the summer months.

First, Plan the Months in Advance

Sometimes it might be hard to keep track of all the different clubs, trips, camps, and parties that are going on during the summer because it seems as though the days and weeks are all intermingling together. Start with a calendar of June and July and map out all the upcoming events. Having a family calendar posted for all to see will do even better. And, (a reason why this is helpful for me) everyone will help remind you of what is coming up.

I also find it very important to include hubby’s important work dates. He sometimes has to go away on trips or has a late meeting and to know about these ahead of time helps to plan activities for the family and keeps communication open for us as a couple.

Next, Plan The Week

Once you have planned your months out, now start planning each week. I like to pick a specific activity to focus on each day of the week. This way, my two munchkins will know what to expect each day of the week. For example, we have a pool in our neighborhood and wouldn’t it be nice to go every single day of summer? Not this mamma. Instead, I planned for every Wednesday of the summer will be our pool day. Knowing that Wednesday is pool day keeps the kiddos from asking to go to the pool e-ver-y day!

I also plan Library Days for Thursday, Craft Day for Mondays, and Take a Trip around town Tuesday, and Friendship Fridays where we meet up with other homeschool families and have a play date. I used this idea on pinterest posted by Momof1. It gave an outline of how a week could look like during the summer.

Last, Plan The Day

Once your week is planned, plan the hours of your day. In our house, I don’t need to set an alarm for waking up because my son will wake me up as soon as the clock strikes 7am. If you have an early riser, you know what I mean. Since my day starts exactly at the same time every day, we start our day with breakfast, then we get ready for the day and come together for family worship. After family worship, we choose a form of exercise, be it riding our bikes, taking a morning walk, or just doing some warm ups with mom in the bonus room. Once our muscles are warm and ready, we dive into our daily activity. As stated above, every day has a special activity. The kids look forward to each day.

Kids need routine and structure. It allows them know what to expect. It opens the opportunity for them to be more cheerful, calm, and relaxed. Don’t miss out on the benefits of keeping a routine this summer with your kids.

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