‘Me Time’ As a Mother, Can We Have It All?

We all know how it goes: Wake up from the sound of the baby or tiny fingers poking you on the forehead, make breakfast for demanding humans all under the 5 foot mark, and get them ready for the day. Carry out your daily plans (95% of which are centered around the rest of the family) whether you go to work or stay home. Squeeze in a meal or a snack on the go, (usually left overs from a kid’s half eaten meal or a granola bar found at the bottom of your purse).

Continue daily plans, make dinner, have face to face time with your kids, (because you are THAT awesome mom), put kids to bed and FINALLY begin your ME TIME…except you are fighting the urge to sleep only to be interrupted by a significant other demanding some “quality time.” When do you get the time alone?

Ladies, it can be so hard! We want to be that super mom, the one who looks good and gets it all done. We want our kids to be involved in as many extra-curricular activities as possible because they need it for a healthy upbringing. We want to nurture our relationship with our partner and be a united front. We want to succeed in our jobs and feel valued. But without some ME time and the opportunity to work on ourselves physically and mentally, none of the above can be possible.

How can we make time for ourselves when life is so demanding as a mother? How can we be physically and mentally prepared for the day to day challenges that come our way? Here are some ways we can accomplish this task.

#1 Make Time

It’s that simple. We prioritize bath time and date nights. Why not set in your schedule time for you? Schedule an appointment every week to get a massage, get a manicure, get your hair done, go to a cafe to read, or better yet, take your coffee to Target. Let your significant other know this time is set for you and stick to it.

I schedule out an hour and a half every Tuesday as ME Time. It doesn’t interfere with anyone’s practice or work related activities. My husband is aware of this and is well prepared. It also allows him to have that one-on-one time with the kids without me. Everyone benefits from this.

#2 Wake Up Earlier

Now this one is hard for me. I love my sleep and don’t like waking up any earlier than I have too. But when I do, my day starts off so much better. When I choose to wake up before the rest of the Champion Clan, I can complete a workout, read a devotional, enjoy a cup of coffee, and yes, even a shower! This allows me to be alert and in a happier mood for those energetic munchkins ready for breakfast.

#3 Plan A Girls Night Out

We are social beings. In our journey of motherhood, we are not alone. You have at least one mom friend who would love some ME time as well. Plan a date night with the girls. Get out and socialize, no kids included. Schedule an activity you wouldn’t be able to do with kids.

And if you dare to take it further, plan a weekend away with the girls. My sisters, mom, and I took a getaway one summer. We had so much fun, we planned to do it annually. Go and enjoy yourself. Your ‘self-love’ tank will be filled and you’ll be ready for unicorn conversations with a 5 year old or being a referee to a sibling WWE showdown.

#4 Take Time to Recharge Your Heart and your Mind

Whether you like to meditate or read a devotional, take the time to recharge your heart and mind. Relax and renew your spirit with spending time with a powerful being who is more greater than you and who can take all your cares away. It goes back to the very first reason…MAKE TIME.

You can’t have ME TIME if you don’t MAKE TIME. By making that time, you are showing not only yourself but those around you that you value yourself. You are telling your family that you love them by first taking care of yourself.

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