For the Last Time, WASH YOUR HANDS!!

I’m surprised my children are still alive to be honest! After everything they touch and ingest, it’s shocking they aren’t constantly sick.

But all seriousness, I am so tired of reminding them to wash their hands. I almost want to record myself saying it and put it on repeat in the restrooms. Why is it so difficult for them to remember to wash hands after touching their privates…yuck! I witness ladies and gents both going without washing hands and it makes me sick!

Will they every decide that washing hands is a necessity? Will they every realize that maybe they should clean the gooey green slime off their hands before devouring strawberries?

Now my son thinks its okay to wash his hands in water without soap. I just so happened to find this out because I knew that particular bathroom had ran out of soap the day before. Yeah…caught you buddy!

I don’t want to be the ‘hand police’ and walk with them to and from the restroom after every use or monitor after playing outdoors but come on guys! You are 5 and 7. You should know this by now!

Could we just use hand sanitizer? Well, I would rather have them use soap and water while at the house just for personal reasons and hand sanitizer when we absolutely need too!

Ugh…what are you thoughts? What tactics or strategies do you use to help your kids wash their hands? I could use ANYTHING!

4 thoughts on “For the Last Time, WASH YOUR HANDS!!

  1. Mine still don’t wash their hands properly. I’ll take the hand sanitizer as long as their hands are super gross, though. My 11-year-old isn’t interested in hygiene on ANY level. And this used to be a kid who was super fussy about everything.

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  2. So I’m a Dad, not a Mom, but yeah, I can seriously relate to this. If you have ever seen the movie, The Incredibles part 2, the hands washing scene with Dash. Yep, I’ve actually had to have that exact conversation on several occasions just in the last few months.

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