Fun Activities for a Beginning Reader

My son was reading before he was 4. He caught on so quickly and he loved the challenges of new words to decipher. His love for reading only grew when he got older and started school. Being able to read signs in stores or offices was a thrill for him.

It was so easy to teach him how to read that I didn’t think twice about my daughter being any different. Well, I was wrong. I must say it’s not that it is difficult for her but it just isn’t the same. “Children are not the same.” Yes I know that…it’s just so hard to not compare your first born with the children that come after them, no matter how hard you try.

Little Miss LadyBug starts Kindergarten in the fall and with Classical Conversations, (a homeschooling program we will be embarking on this year) reading and math are curriculum that you choose on your own. I love Abeka simply because I have had experience with it before and love the way the curriculum flows. So I ordered the K5 Letters and Sounds book for her. It is titled letters and sounds but goes into depth and starts them on reading.

During the summer, I wanted to get her acquainted with reading. Here are a couple of fun and exciting activities I have been doing with her this summer:

Sight Word Slap

We first started with sight words. These are words that cannot be phonetically sounded out. They need to be memorized. Sight words were my favorite to teach to students in my 1st grade class. I enjoyed playing some very interesting games that caught their attention and made it fun. We play ‘Sight Word Slap‘ where she has a fly swatter and slaps the word she is told either on the white board or cards laid out in front of her.


Segmenting Words

Another activity I love for sight words is used with pool noodles, yes the ones that are $1 at Dollar Tree. After she mastered letter recognition and letter sounds, we started putting them together. This activity is so much fun for that. All you need is a knife and a Sharpie and boom, you’re ready! This activity allows her to put the letters together, with a vowel in the middle and then she sounds it out phonetically.

Reading Hopscotch

Now the game I love the most, only because it gets us out of the house, is Reading Hopscotch. I previously saw this idea from The Happy Teacher and decided to tweak it a little. You draw the hopscotch layout on the ground with chalk (or masking tape if you’re indoors) and write words instead of numbers in each box. These should be words your child is currently working on and/or have already mastered, (preferably a mix so there is a challenge but still able to succeed). And then play the game of hopscotch. The child will have to read the word they land on. If you want, you can have them read each word as they step on it. Miss LadyBug loves this game.


If you’re looking for more beginning reading activities, check out my Pinterest Board on Phonics. We can always use some new ideas to bring excitement to our little up-and-coming readers.

2 thoughts on “Fun Activities for a Beginning Reader

  1. My son was like your oldest — reading books by age 4. Things have been different with my daughter, too. We know she has the ability to read, but she is rarely compliant with us, which I don’t get at all.

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