It’s Okay To Say YES To Our Kids

It’s 3:35 in the afternoon and my kids just asked me to play Dragons and Castle with them. If you haven’t guessed it yet, I always play the dragon and I come and attack the castle…So. Much. Fun. (can you hear my sarcasm?) When their request is accompanied by pleading and beautiful brown eyes staring up at me, a conference meeting is immediately held in my brain.

At the conference meeting sits Tired Mom, Cleaning Mom, Reading Mom, Annoyed Mom, Coffee Mom, and Happy Mom. The meeting commences and Tired Mom starts by saying she is so exhausted. She reminds everyone how we rode our bikes, went to the Science Museum, had lunch and read 10 picture books all before 2:00 pm. Cleaning Mom interjects and tells Tired Mom that the house needs cleaning and the kids could do some of their chores.

Reading Mom reminds everyone of the book that’s been siting on the nightstand that hasn’t received much love this week while Annoyed Mom just doesn’t understand why the kids always want to play. Coffee Mom flips her hair and says “I’d just like a cup of coffee and you guys can do whatever you want.” Happy Mom can relate to all the others but reiterates that it won’t take that long to play with them.

These thoughts were swirling through my head as I contemplated a response to these two begging kids. After all, how much longer will they want to play Dragons and Castle? When will they stop coming to me to ask to be apart of something they are into?

Someone once told me we have 18 summers with our kids…give or take a few. That really put things into perspective for me. Our time with them being our little kids and being involved in their lives on this level is limited. They won’t be kids for long so we should try to embrace every moment we can with them.

And if that means saying YES to Dragons and Castles even though I could come up with a reasonable excuse and say “maybe later” (later being 3 days from now), I’m going to say YES. We can give them every tangible item in the world that will break, get lost, or be put on a shelf in 2 weeks. These items fade away but time spent with these precious little ones will last a life time. We are creating memories that will never fade.

So I said YES. And yet again, I was the Dragon and I destroyed the Castle…after I drank my cup of coffee.

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