One Day I’m Going to Laugh

One day I’m going to laugh. One day I will sit and think of this very moment and laugh uncontrollably until tears trickle down and my husband and I are rolling on the floor…but I’m not there yet.

Today my children did something unspeakable. What is it? I don’t even think I can come to terms with saying. Was it dangerous? No. Was it life threatening? Far from it. I just don’t want to air their dirty laundry. I mean after all, they still have their precious lives ahead of them. They don’t need something like this following them. HAHAHA…

But has your child ever done something unthinkable that you could not believe? The questions that came to my mind were:

What were you thinking?

Did you think this was okay?

Where did you come from?


I didn’t think MY child was capable of doing such a thing…not mine! But then, I had to remember that I was once a child. I can give you a list of unthinkable things I did: Cut the hair of my sister’s Barbie Doll, play with matches in my grandma’s house, go trick-or-treating without my parent’s knowledge, (a big NO-NO for Seventh-Day-Adventist), and sneak out with my ‘unofficial boyfriend’ (now my husband)…and I was the “good kid”.

After thinking, and laughing, on what I’ve done in my past, it reminded me that my children are just children; learning right from wrong. I was reminded of all the second chances I was given. I was reminded on how much forgiveness was poured out to me.

When my husband and I were thinking of what we were going to say and do to these kids, we kept thinking of how our reaction to their mistake will not only help them learn what’s right but it is also setting the foundation of their own journey into forgiveness. They are learning how to ask for forgiveness and how to learn from their mistakes.

They are also learning how to treat those who hurt them or do wrong to them by how we react to their mistakes. Should you forgive? Yes. Does the person in the wrong need to acknowledge their mistake? Absolutely. Do you give the person a second chance to prove they can learn from their mistakes? Yes. Do you hold the person accountable for their future actions if they don’t follow up to their promise? Yes, yes, and yes!

My son came to me and asked if I forgave him for his mistake. “Of course I do.” As much as I am not happy with their actions, I still love who they are. It reminded me of how we ask our heavenly father to forgive us and he does it every time. He hates the sin but loves the sinner. If he can forgive me for everything I’ve done, I need to do the same for my children. I mean, isn’t that what he has called us parents to do? To be an example of him to our children? I can imagine he is finally getting a laugh in on all the foolishness I’ve done.

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