Sometimes You Need To Get Away From It All

The kids are always asking to stay at a hotel. Whenever we travel, we visit museums, parks, state monuments, and when you ask what they loved the most, it was the hotel.

When I ask what they loved about the hotel, they say:

We get to have a sleepover with Mom and Dad (although we try to get a suite)


We don’t have to fix our bed

Breakfast is ready when we wake up, we don’t have to wait

There are fun activities at the hotel

source: hilton hotels

This summer, we didn’t do much traveling because we have been saving for a big trip coming up in September. And this is new for us because we usually take a trip at least once every 2 months. Don’t get me wrong, our summer was jam packed with fun and creative activities, just no trips. So here we are, the first weekend of August and school is about to start.

So we decided to spend this past weekend in Orlando (30min away from home) with the kids. We had friends we were meeting for the day and planned to return back home but decided we needed to get away. We booked a room and stayed.


We love all the Theme Parks, but this time around we decided to take it easy and just relax and enjoy ourselves and the hotel like the kids. First we walked around Disney Springs and were amused by the free entertainment like FreeDaps and savored the free chocolate from the Ghirardelli Ice Cream & Chocolate Shop . But we couldn’t leave before getting in some play time at the LEGO store. We eventually found our way back to the hotel and just relaxed as a family.

The next morning was a great experience as we woke up not to an alarm clock, but to the joys of laughter and morning snuggles. We left our room, beds unmade, and moseyed our way downstairs for the breakfast that was already prepared.

source: limerick strand hotel

We truly enjoyed our weekend. It wasn’t packed with so many activities, cleaning or shopping (decided to do tax-free weekend shopping online). It was relaxing, not worrying about the house or what to cook but just simply getting away from it all and being stress free. We need it every once and a while. It helps us unwind and recharge that battery for the weeks ahead of busy family life.

I’m glad the kids wanted to get away, it reminded me what I loved about hotels as a kid and what I still do as an adult…not making my bed!

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