“Don’t Give Up”…My Daily SAHM Mantra

We say it so much to our children. We remind them that it’s important to try your best and give it all you have.

But who is encouraging us? Every day we wake up and start our morning, afternoon, and evening routines without an employer patting us on the back. No one is there to encourage and/or congratulate us on our efforts of making breakfast before an argument over a LEGO piece commences, washing AND drying all the towels, keeping our cool when a child looses their mind, or finally seeing our child succeed in reading.

About two weeks ago, I wanted to give up on teaching my daughter to read! I mean, if you have ever taught a child to read and sat there while they make it through a 6 page book about Pat and Tom…you just might want to pull your hair out. I felt as though it was taking forever and we weren’t getting any where. I was discouraged, and began to have mom guilt that I was not doing well by her. It was all my fault. But instead, I sat there with a cup of my favorite tea and listened and nodded, correcting any word misread. I kept telling myself “Don’t give up, it will get better.” I said it so I could keep going, keep trying.

Well, it did not get better the next day or the day after. It wasn’t until yesterday we were sitting in the lobby of a business building when I hear my daughter saying something. I look over tot see her staring straight ahead at a wall that has words that she knows. She reads not only the words she knows but she uses her decoding skills that I taught her on the words she doesn’t know. I pull her close, squeeze her tight, and congratulate and encourage her more and more. Not only did I not give up, she didn’t give up either.

Sometimes it’s easy to think that what we are doing doesn’t matter or it’s not making a difference but it really is. I have to remind myself that often. I made it my goal to encourage not only myself and my children but other moms I run into. We have to encourage one another and remind each other what we are doing is important, makes a difference, and to not give up!

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